In Search of the Sacred

Documentary film

Length: 47 minutes

Presented by: HussainMakke

Directed by: Reza John Vedadi

BARR Pictures Production:


We live in a world where religion and spirituality have widely been misunderstood. Godlessness prevails over mankind. Many of us don’t comprehend the meaning of what is sacred – or if the notion still even still exists. We have no notion of inner peace. We are told to doubt rather than be certain. We are told to prove rather than believe. Consumerism and materialism reign supreme over belief and devotion in a world of profanity.

The ancient traditions, spiritual truths, practices and religions of the world can aid us in bridging the gap between modern man’s current state and the undeniable thirst for meaning.

For 6 years I have been traveling, studying and teaching what I know. Seeking knowledge from the ancient traditions of the world, to find the answers to quench our undeniable thirst for meaning – in search of the sacred

Presenter Profile:

Hussain Makke, is 27 years old, born and raised in the tough areas of Tottenham. His family roots are Lebanese decent. He graduated with a Journalism degree in 2012 before going onto study at the Islamic Seminary in Lebanon for 6 years. He has completed a Master’s degree in Religion in Global Politics at SOAS University of London.  For three years Hussain has been invited by different Islamic centers, Summer Camps and Youth groups in various cities from; Australia, Canada, Denmark, UK and USA, to mentor the youth, and help guide them on a more productive and fulfilling life as individuals.

Direct Profile:

Reza John Vedadi, is 39 years old. He has completed his two Master’s degrees. First in Film Production from London Metropolitan, and second Master’s on Islamic Studies from Middlesex & ICAS universities.

He has worked on as director, producer or cinematographer on over 50 documentaries.

In 2012 Reza John and Hussain Makke won the best documentary at The New Horizon International Film Festival in Tehran, and in 2014 they won best documentary at Ammar International Film Festival.

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