Title: Breakdance in Iran

Produced and Directed by Reza John Vedadi

Edited by Sara Karimi & Meghdad Shahed

Featuring; Milad Ahmadi, Farzin Ansari, Vahid Ahmadi, Saeed Sharifi Nejad

Production by BARR Pictures Media

Length 49 minutes

Synopsis: Breakdance in Iran provides an inside look into Iran’s thriving underground breakdancing scene, following a group of talented B-Boys from Tehran who devote their lives to the dance. Though breakdancing first inspired them years ago through viral 80’s movies, they initially had to teach themselves without formal training, as the dance form was completely unknown in Iran then.

We get to know the dancers intimately through glimpses into their personal lives – their inspirations, friendships, challenges and dreams. Some, like Milad, now run schools to grow the Iranian dance community by developing teaching methods from their decades of experience. Others, like Farzin, actively compete and hope to someday showcase their elite skills at global championships.

At the heart of the documentary is the Rahaa crew, four B-Boys – Milad, Farzin, Saeed and Vahid – who are bonded like brothers after years of dancing together. Their tight friendship shines through during their hilarious conversations and joking around. Though life has evolved, their connection through dance remains unbreakable.

We experience the intensity and energy of the B-Boy battles firsthand when Rahaa competes against a rival crew. The competition is friendly yet fierce, with both groups unveiling their most dynamic moves and freezes. Through it all, a spirit of camaraderie and mutual love for the culture prevails over who “wins”.

Milad reflects on how breakdancing shaped his identity and will always be part of him, no matter how many years go by. His passion and wisdom resound in his words about the dance that has given his life meaning.

The B-Boys inspire us with their dedication to the sport they love, overcoming challenges in a society that doesn’t always understand them. We root for their dream to one day represent Iran on the global stage, bringing recognition to the remarkable talents within their country. Their undying spirit and love for the dance come through in every powerful scene, leaving us moved in the final moments when Milad looks back on the incredible journey that began when breakdancing first captured his heart and imagination as a child.