Danny Boy

Short Synopsis:

A story of a father who loves his son so much, that he is willing to sacrifice his life to save his.

Long Synopsis:

A father’s love is so strong, that nothing can break this bond. No matter how bad a child is, no matter how much the child gets into trouble and causes problems for his family, they cannot escape the love of their father or mother.

Ali, is such a father, and his son Daniel is a lost child. Lost to the corrupt criminals who feed on the innocence of youth, to peddle their greed and not give a second thought to the trail of lives they destroy on their way.

Ali, is a stern father, he is strict with his son, but it’s out of love that he is so firm. He is from another generation, when father’s told their son how to behave, and how to be. But Ali does not have this relationship with his only son, and this breaks his heart.

Unwilling to give up, and doing all in his power to prevent his wife from feeling the pressure, Ali tries to mould Daniel into a man, but with little luck.

The burden of loosing is too much for Ali and he reaches his breaking point, when on the day of his wife’s birthday celebrations he decides to confront his fears, and the fears of his son.

He decides to put an end once and for all, to the corruption that surrounds his son and his family.

Tag line:

With unconditional love, comes hope!

Running time: 18:05 Minutes
Display Format: 25FPS
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Shooting Format: HD 1080p
Audio: 4800Hz

Production Company: Barr Pictures.
Production year: 2011

Russell Parsi - Ali Amiri
Ali Zaidi - Daniel Amiri
Stuart Keil - Greens
Mouna Albakry - Soraya Amiri
Liquid Thomas - Reggie
James Riley - Kid 1
Eamon Ali - Simon
Reza-John Vedadi - Teacher
Eszter Borus - Guest 1
Iman Tajik - Guest 2
Emoke Szababy - Guest 3
Mohssen Khaleghi - Guest 4

Director of Photography - Lukas Kadys & Visakh Leela Gopinath
Original Music - Ian Tripp & Nazanine Mokhtarzadeh
Persian Instrumentalists - Sam Fathi & Zartosh Safari
Make Up - Rumana Hussain
Re-recording Mixer: Matthew Manns
Sound - Sureyya Kuzu
Production Assistant - Eszter Borus
Written/Directer/Produced/Edited - Reza John Vedadi
Story - Reza John Vedadi & Ahmed Alshafi

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