Incompleteness – Trailer

A Poignant Portrait of Life in Tehran

The bustling streets of Iran’s capital, Tehran, form a contradictory backdrop to the profound isolation and longing expressed by Romina, the complex protagonist of the documentary “Incompleteness.” As crowds move briskly around her and smoke fills the air, Romina conveys her deep desire to break free from the constraints that keep her tethered.

The Allure of a New Life

Romina’s initial escape seems possible – she plans to leave Iran for a freer life abroad with her friend Soheil. This prospect represents hope and new beginnings. But as external factors set in, including skyrocketing “currency” rates, her meticulously laid plans abruptly unravel, leaving Romina adrift in “despair.”

Clashing With Loved Ones

Romina’s tense relationship with her “mother” epitomizes her feelings of being trapped. Their quarrels depict the simmering tensions of Romina’s domestic environment. Unable to express her true self, Romina distances herself, spending days in “cafés” and her friend Niloo’s home as surrogates for the sterile “home” she rejects.

The Dangers of Instability

In her growing “instability,” Romina resorts to troubling extremes, even contemplating selling her “kidney.” As her hopes dim, she descends into risky behaviour, seeking money at all costs. But ultimately, she cannot sacrifice her physical safety for an uncertain escape.

A Dream on Borrowed Time

With Romina’s “university admission” abroad nearing its looming “expiry,” time is running out. This admission represented a tangible pathway to an autonomous life. Now, with its expiration date imminently approaching as her mother refuses to help, this once graspable dream is slipping away.

The Symbolic Airport Farewell

Soheil was merely a friend, not a destined partner for Romina. However, he embodied her last gasp of freedom. Their devastating “airport” goodbye – as Soheil vanishes beyond the terminal doors after Romina’s frantic, failed attempt to see him – crystallizes her ultimate “entrapment.”

A Spirit Still Striving to “Break Free”

“Incompleteness” deftly explores universal themes of bucking societal expectations through Romina’s compelling story. Despite increasing setbacks, Romina’s resilience persists. Even at her lowest points, she believes that one day, she will still find a way to “break free.”

Through gorgeous cinematography and potent monologues, “Incompleteness” immerses viewers in a young woman’s aching desire for self-determination. Her struggle represents the timeless conflict between conforming to others’ limits and fighting for one’s limitless inner freedom.