Title: In Search of the Sacred

Presented by: Sayed Hussain Makke

Director: Reza John Vedadi

Production: BARR Pictures Production

Featuring: Russell Brand, Jordan B. Peterson, Rupert Sheldrake, Karen Armstrong, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Abdul Hakim Murad (Timothy Winter), Elliot Husle


In a world devoid of meaning, “In Search of the Sacred” explores humanity’s quest for a purpose beyond the mundane trappings of modern materialism. As technological advances have transformed society, many feel lost in a machine-like system prioritising productivity over well-being. Seeking something more, people turn to subjective spirituality, lacking deeper truth. This documentary goes beyond the superficial to examine sacred traditions offering objective pathways to self-realisation.

From schools to careers, the film examines how industrialisation has conditioned people to live for material gain alone. Stripped of higher ideals like truth, beauty and community, individuals feel reduced to robotic creatures focused on survival. Statistics reveal rising depression, anxiety and disconnection. Yet innately, humans yearn for meaning. This spiritual hunger has fueled interest in New Age philosophies promising enlightenment. However, the film argues that such subjective paths only provide temporary fulfilment before old feelings of emptiness return.

To uncover enduring purpose, the documentary explores “spirituality with religion” – practices refined over centuries that connect to immutable principles. Viewers journey across cultures and history, learning how traditional lifestyles evoke the sacred through ritual, community, nature, folklore and mysticism. The goal is not religious conversion but showing universal human needs. With insightful commentary from philosophers, anthropologists and theologians, the film makes a case for renewing ancient wisdom in the modern world.

From contemplative monastics to indigenous shamans, examples abound of integrated ways of being that nourish body, mind and spirit. These models contrast sharply with fractured modern living. Significantly, many traditions understand spirituality as a collective experience binding people to each other and the Divine. With profound empathy, “In Search of the Sacred” reveals our shared longing for wholeness.

This urgent documentary will resonate with anyone seeking timeless truth amidst the disorienting pace of technological progress. Far from a fantastical escape, it proposes remaining engaged with the world while walking a soulful path. For generations disillusioned by materialism’s unfulfilled promises, this film provides hope of re-enchantment through universal practices sustained by devotion. Uplifting yet pragmatic, it empowers viewers to discover real magic in the mundane.