The Unclear Truth

“Essential viewing, a true tour de force. Such dense content covered and done so masterfully: chronologically, visually, musically. From start to finish a stirring, enlightening and enriching experience, one which should be savoured by many. Should be on the school syllabus nationwide!”
Giti Sorayyapour, PhD Political Science

The Unclear Truth – The youth specially in the West seem to be alien to the international events that are taking place around the world. This film brings the issues of the Middle East closer to home and examines the history and links between the many problems that citizens in that region of the world face and how it effects the citizens on this side of the world

This documentary examines the issues of the Iranian nuclear program as perceived by the West, the biased approach to Syria, Libya and Bahrain, and the long Israeli and Palestinian conflicting. Respectable figures from British politics, American academia and youth activists examine the issue in detail and provide answers to some very difficult questions.

Presented and Produced by Hussain Makke
Produced & Directed by Reza John Vedadi
Music by Lowkey


Kareem Dennis -- Musician and Activist
Jody McIntyre -- Journalist and Activist
George Galloway -- Member of Parliament
Jeremy Corbyn -- Member of Parliament
Lidnsey German -- Convener Stop the War Coalition
Maryam Alkhawaja -- Vice President of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights
Tony Benn -- Former MP and Cabinet Minister
Roger Lloyd Pack -- Actor and activist
Dr Kate Hudson -- General Secretary Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Prof. Norman Finkelstein -- Political Scientist and Activist

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