Title: Minibus

Director: Aboozar Heidari

Year: 2021


The plot revolves around a group of Iraqis during the time of the oppressive dictator Saddam, who are trying to navigate through a dangerous situation. Their minibus breaks down, and they are helped by a stranger to get it started again. They discuss their plans to escape to a safer location, expressing fear about being discovered and the violence they might encounter. They decide to go to the Palm-grove along the Euphrates River and from there to the next village. There are tense moments as they cross a bridge and navigate a difficult road, praying for safety. Towards the end of the clip, they encounter a group of Iraqi soldiers who seem suspicious of them, but they manage to convince the soldiers that they are not pilgrims but normal travellers. The video ends with them hurrying away, suggesting that their journey and the associated dangers are far from over as they approach Karbala and the Shrine of Imam Hussain.