Title: Tak Khal Ha 50 Years Later

Director: Hamidreza Mohamadian, Meghdad Shahed

Producer: Hamidreza Mohamadian, Meghdad Shahed

Cinematography: Erphan Khodabande, Amir Shirzaee, Majid Ghavami, Mariana Abrahamian, Amir Naghshkar

Film & Sound Editor: Meghdad Shahed

Length: 101 minutes


“Tak Khalha 50 Years Later” – Journey into the soulful world of music and memory as we unravel the story of the legendary band, Tak-khalha. Born in the vibrant streets of Tehran and nurtured in the echoes of Vali-e-Asr Street, this documentary is a poignant tribute to passion, resilience, and the timeless allure of melodies. Delve into tales of wooden spoons drumming on pots and the rhythmic heartbeats that resonated in the bustling Mohammad-Reza Shah Stadium. As Tak-khalha graced stages from the German Club to Amjadieh, they were more than just performers; they were the torchbearers of a musical renaissance, sharing the limelight with iconic bands like Ojoubeha. But beyond the spotlight, discover their challenges – from their shocking encounter with a colonel-commander to the societal intricacies of a bygone era. Yet, their spirit remained unbreakable, drawing strength from the boundless energy of youth and the power of dreams. This documentary is more than a retelling; it’s an invitation. Join us as we traverse a musical landscape with tales of hope, creativity, and the indomitable spirit of artists who dared to dream amidst adversity. As we journey through the annals of history, be prepared to be moved, inspired, and mesmerised by a legacy that defies time. Celebrate Tak-khalha, the luminous stars of a golden epoch whose melodies continue to enchant, inspire, and resonate in the heartbeats of countless souls across the globe.