Dr Reza John Vedadi has established himself as a director/producer in the London independent documentary industry. Reza John has been working at BARR Pictures since 2011. His work has found recognition in the industry, securing awards for best documentary at the 2012 New Horizon International and 2014 Ammar Popular Film Festivals. Beginning his academic journey at London Guildhall University with a degree in Media Studies, he completed master’s degrees in Film Production and Islamic Studies at London Metropolitan and Middlesex Universities, respectively. In 2023, he achieved a milestone by earning a PhD from Loughborough University London, centred on media, politics, and culture.

Over the past 12 years, Vedadi has directed, produced, and filmed over 50 documentaries that delve into West Asian and Muslim identity and culture. His academic research has focused on the intersection of socio-political dynamics, the representation of Muslim identity in Hollywood, U.S. culture and U.S. foreign policy.

In addition to his film career, Vedadi has contributed academically, presenting papers at various global university conferences, illustrating his commitment to deepening the understanding of the complex relationship between the film industry and international relations through scholarly and creative lenses.

Documentary, Director/Producer
Documentary, Director/Producer
Documentary (Two-part series), Director/Producer
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Documentary, Director/Producer
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