Title: The Woman I Have Known

Length: 12 minutes

Director: Setareh Sardari

Producer: Omran Bahrami

The Woman I Have Known © 2023

Short Synopsis:

“The Woman I Have Known,” directed by Setareh Sardari, is a compelling documentary that intimately explores Mahya’s journey through cancer. It interweaves her personal struggle with her artistic endeavours, highlighting the resilience of Iranian women through Mahya’s eyes. The film captures her battle with the disease and her transformative journey in finding hope and strength in the face of adversity, making it a profoundly moving and inspirational narrative. This documentary is a testament to the enduring human spirit and the power of art as a healing force.

The Woman I Have Known © 2023

Long Synopsis:

“The Woman I Have Known,” directed by Setareh Sardari, is an evocative documentary that delves into the life of Mahya Rastegar, an Iranian woman confronting cancer. It’s a poignant narrative that not only focuses on her physical and emotional battle with the illness but also deeply explores her identity as an Iranian woman. The film intricately portrays Mahya’s inner strength and resilience, which are emblematic of the broader experiences and challenges Iranian women face. Her journey is intertwined with her artistic expression, showcasing her photography that captures the essence of Iranian femininity and culture. This documentary goes beyond the personal story of Mahya; it’s a tribute to the spirit of Iranian women who navigate through life’s adversities with grace and courage. Setareh Sardari’s masterful direction brings to the forefront a story of survival, identity, and the transformative power of art, making “The Woman I Have Known” a truly inspiring and insightful watch.

Setareh Sardari ©

Director Biography:

Setareh Sardari, a distinguished director hailing from Tehran, has carved a niche in the realm of visual storytelling. Her journey began with a Bachelor of Management, but her passion for capturing moments led her to photography in 2012. Quickly gaining recognition, Setareh became a celebrated figure in the press and news agencies. Her prowess was first acclaimed at the National Red Frame Festival in 2014, marking the start of numerous accolades. Notably, she received a Diploma of Honor at the 16th Annual Image Festival in 2017 for her photo collection of Narges Abyar. Her collaboration with Abyar continued, featuring at the 3rd Documentary Film and Photo Festival in 2018 and the 5th Resistance Art Festival in 2017. Setareh’s talent was further recognised at the National Film and Photo Festival of Shahr-e-Zardi in 2019. Her foray into documentary filmmaking began in 2019, with her short documentary “Mahgol” showcased at the 18th Festival of Images. Her international acclaim came with “Arrival,” selected in the 8th International Film Festival in 2023. Setareh’s journey from photography to documentary filmmaking showcases her evolving artistry and impactful storytelling.