Setareh Sardari, a prominent Iranian female filmmaker and photographer, has made significant strides in the field of visual arts. Originating from Tehran, her journey began with a focus on management, but her deep-rooted passion for capturing life’s moments led her to the world of photography in 2012. As a celebrated figure in the Iranian press and news agencies, Setareh has gained widespread recognition for her unique perspective as an Iranian woman in the arts. Her exceptional work, particularly in documenting the essence of Narges Abyar, has been showcased at notable festivals, including the 16th Annual Image Festival. Transitioning to documentary filmmaking in 2019, her films such as “Mahgol” and the internationally lauded “Arrival” highlight her evolving storytelling craft. Setareh’s journey reflects her artistic growth and her commitment to portraying the depth and resilience of Iranian women through her visual storytelling. Her recent short documentary working the festival circuit, “The Woman I have Known“, is a very powerful exploration of Mahya’s life as she battles cancer.

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