Length: 75 mins

Genre: Documentary

Production country: UK

Presenter: Dr Matthew Alford

Director: Reza John Vedadi

We’ll Call You © 2024

Short Synopsis:

Get ready for a wild ride in “We’ll Call You” as we follow Dr. Matthew Alford’s extraordinary transformation from a buttoned-up political analyst to a sidesplitting stand-up comedian on a mission to bring truth through laughter. In this uproarious 75-minute documentary, Matt takes the stage with a punchline-loaded arsenal, challenging the very foundations of politics and comedy. Buckle up for an eye-watering journey as he faces the hilarious pitfalls of navigating a comedy scene increasingly dominated by “safe” humour. Matt emerges as a beacon of wit, poised to resurrect the sharp, insightful comedy of legends like Bill Hicks and George Carlin. But it’s not all laughs and giggles! Join us as Matt encounters quirky characters, dives into international hotspots, and finds himself in the most bizarre situations imaginable. From controversial gigs in Iran, USA and Russia to awkward encounters with audiences who just can’t handle the truth, this comedic crusader’s journey is as unpredictable as it is side-splitting. With interviews featuring comedy heavyweights and thought-provoking insights, “We’ll Call You” is an explosive cocktail of comedy, politics, and personal growth that will have you laughing out loud while questioning the world’s most absurd truths. Don’t miss this uproarious and enlightening adventure that proves that sometimes, the best way to make a point is to deliver it with a punchline!