Berlin, February 2024 – BARR Pictures Media, a dynamic player in the film industry, is thrilled to announce its participation in the prestigious European Film Market (EFM) held in Berlin from 15th to 20th February 2024. This notable event, a hotspot for global film industry professionals, presents an unparalleled opportunity for BARR Pictures Media to showcase its latest and most exciting ventures.

Unveiling a Rich Catalogue with a Focus on Iran

BARR Pictures Media is set to captivate the international audience with its new catalogue, which includes a diverse range of documentaries, feature films, and short films. What sets this collection apart is its unique focus on Iran, offering a fresh perspective and insightful narratives that are bound to resonate with audiences worldwide. This spotlight on Iranian culture, history, and contemporary issues through the lens of cinema is not just an artistic choice, but a strategic initiative to fill a gap in the global film market.

Seeking Global Partnerships for Distribution

At the heart of BARR Pictures Media’s participation in the EFM is the objective to forge robust partnerships with international distributors. The company recognizes the immense potential of its catalogue and is actively seeking partners who share its vision and enthusiasm for bringing these stories to a global audience. The EFM, known for its bustling environment conducive to networking and deal-making, serves as the perfect platform for BARR Pictures Media to connect with potential collaborators.

A Call to Connect at the EFM

In anticipation of fruitful discussions and partnerships, BARR Pictures Media extends an open invitation to industry professionals attending the EFM. Whether you are a distributor, a film enthusiast, or a media professional, BARR Pictures Media encourages you to reach out and arrange a meeting during the event. This is a unique opportunity to explore collaborations, understand the company’s vision, and be part of a journey that promises to bring captivating Iranian narratives to screens across the globe.

Join Us at the European Film Market

BARR Pictures Media looks forward to welcoming you at the EFM in Berlin. To schedule a meeting and learn more about the compelling catalogue BARR Pictures Media has to offer, please feel free to reach out via email. Let’s connect, collaborate, and contribute to the flourishing world of cinema together.

The European Film Market in Berlin awaits, and so does an opportunity to discover, engage, and partner with BARR Pictures Media – where compelling storytelling meets global cinema.